What is a Custom Song?

A custom song is one that is made completely from scratch just for you. There are many types of custom songs/compositions:

  • Podcast Intro/Outro
  • Television Commercial Background Music
  • Video Presentation Background Music
  • Film Scores
  • Relationship/Love Story Songs

Click HERE if You are a Couple and Want to Transform Your Relationship Story Into a Radio Quality Song. [Below is an Example of a song I wrote after interviewing a couple, that was arranged and produced by Figure8sound in Portland, Oregon.

What is Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing and Mastering are what happen after all the tracks have been recorded.


  • Balancing the volume of each track so they blend well together instead of one or more tracks standing out too much and interfering
  • Editing MIDI and Audio files by cutting or pasting
  • Using “plugins” that a Digital Audio Workstation uses in order to make each track sound better (example – reverb and delays)
  • A lot more technical things that only mixing engineers know about


  • Mixing involves working with the separate individual recorded tracks, but mastering handles manipulating the overall sound by viewing all the tracks as One Track (usually all the tracks are converted to a wave file and the audio is transformed from there)
  • Mastering involves preparing an audio file to be properly heard on a wide variety of speakers (mobile, car, computer, headphones, etc.)
What can I offer you for Mixing and Mastering?

Since I am about 1 year (as of August 18th, 2019) into learning Mixing and Mastering then I’m very open minded to your proposals for payment. Essentially, I definitely have a lot to learn, yet there is a crossroads I’m approaching where I feel you would be extremely satisfied with my “mixing” results. Mastering is something I recommend someone else does because my production studio setup is not properly prepared to handle the subtle nuances of listening for radio quality output. That being said, I can still put my best effort in and if the results are acceptable, then we can proceed further. Since I am not a recording studio, then I do require the following:

  • All tracks in Wav format unless you originally recorded into Studio One
  • I won’t add any tracks unless we agree on a producer contract
  • Your vocals can be raw, since I’ll be editing the “dead space” between singing

What is Music Production?

Music production isn’t necessarily recording, mixing, and/or mastering…A producer visualizes a song as a product that will be packaged in a very specific way, for a very specific audience. Production often includes the following:

  • Changing instruments on previously recorded tracks
  • Deleting tracks
  • Adding tracks
  • Changing style/tempo

It is true that a Music Producer might handle all the details of recording, mixing, and mastering, but the title doesn’t imply any direct involvement in any of those tasks.

Producers function more like “advisers” for the best possible outcome of your song.

I am confident in my own abilities to analyze a song and help guide it to a wonderful crowd pleasing end…that being said, I can play the role of producer and hand your song off to a team member that is more proficient in mixing and mastering than I am…or I can co-produce…this all depends on how much you’re willing to invest.

I’ve seen mixing engineers charge between $50-$500. Mastering seems to be a range of $50-500 as well. In reality, the budget for mixing and mastering is going to be between $100-$1000 (per song) depending on the pricing preferences of the individual…Keep in mind that a Producer will normally have a separate fee beyond those.

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